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In the backrow, but where is the flankers hand going. 2017


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Knock-Out Competition results are shown below and on the individual website pages 


    Knock-Out Round 1 - Saturday 19th January 2019    
  Merit Table  Home   Away Results  
  MT1 Hemel Hempstead 2nd v Datchworth 2nd    
  MT1 Fullerians 2nd v Bedford Athletic 2nd    
  MT1 Ampthill Jets v Harpenden 2nd  Now being played at Harpenden RFC  
  MT1 Welwyn 2nd v Hertford 3rd    
  MT 2 Enfield Ignatians 2nd v Weston    
  MT 2 Letchworth 2nd v Saracen Amateurs 2nd    
  MT 2 Bye v Ampthill Extras Away Walk Over  
  MT 2 Bishop's Stortford 4th v Tring 3rd    
  MT 3 Fullerians 3rd v Amersham and Chiltern 3rd    
  MT 3 Luton 2nd v Old Grammarians     
  MT 3 Bye v Black Horse Away Walk Over  
  MT 3 Finchley 2nd v Old Albanians Gladiators    
  MT 4 NE Barnet Elizabethans v St Albans 2nd    
  MT 4 NE Royston 2nd v Finsbury Park 2nd  36 - 52  
  MT 4 NE Letchworth 3rd v Cuffley 2nd    
  MT 4 NE Hendon 2nd Hertford 4th    
  MT 4SW UCSOBs 2nd v Chess Valley    
  MT 4SW Harpenden 4th  v Tabard 2nd 0 - 75  
  MT 4SW Hemel Hempstead 3rd v Watford 2nd    
  MT 4SW Old Albanians Grizzlies v Chesham 2nd    
  MT5 NE Bishop's Stortford 5th v Hitchin 3rd    
  MT5 NE Datchworth 3rd v Biggleswade 3rd    
  MT5 NE Welwyn 3rd v Cheshunt 3rd    
  MT5 SW Old Millhillians 2nd  v Beaconsfield 2nd    
  MT5 SW Fullerians 4th  v Tring 4th    
  MT5 SW Southgate  v Mill Hill 2nd    
  MT5 SW Pinner and Grammarians 2nd  v Amersham and Chiltern 4th    
    Winners play in Round 2/Semi Finals on 13th April    
    Losers move into the First Round of the Plate Competition on 13th April  
    All teams forfeiting their matches leave the Competition    




































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