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Merit Table Listing Season 2017-18


(Amendments through the season, if any, will be shown in blue)

SEASON 2017-2018


Merit Table 1   Merit Table 4   Merit Table 6 N/E  
Ampthill Jets   Barnet Eliz. 2nd   B.Stortford 5th   
Bedford Athletic 2nd   Chess Valley 1st   Biggleswade 3rd  
Cheshunt 2nd   Hackney 3rd   Cheshunt 3rd  
Fullerians 2nd   Letchworth 3rd  Withdrawn Epping and U/C 3rd  
H. Hempstead 2nd   Old Albanians Gladiators   Hitchin 3rd   
Hackney 2nd   Old Grammarians 1st   Letchworth 4th  
Harpenden 2nd   St Albans 2nd   Old Grammarians 2nd  Withdrawn
Hertford 3rd   Stevenage T. 2nd   Southgate  
Letchworth 2nd   UCSOBs 2nd   Welwyn 3rd  
Welwyn 2nd   Verulamians 2nd   Vacant  
   10    9    8
Merit Table 2   Merit Table 5      
Ampthill 4th   Berkhamsted 1st      
B. Stortford 4th   Chesham 2nd      
Datchworth 2nd   Cuffley 2nd       
Enfield Ignatians 2nd   Datchworth 3rd      
Epping U.C. 2nd    Finsbury Park 2nd       
Finchley 2nd   Hertford 4th (was 5th)      
Hitchin 2nd   O.Albanians Grizzlies      
Saracens Ams 2nd   Pinner and G 2nd      
The Mount Withdrawn Royston 2nd      
Weston   Tabard 2nd      
   9    10    
Merit Table 3   Merit Table 6 S/W      
Amersham and C. 3rd   Amersham and C 4th      
Biggleswade 2nd   Berkhamsted 2nd      
Black Horse   Chesham 3rd      
Enfield Ign. 3rd   Fullerians 4th      
Fullerians 3rd   H.Hempstead 3rd       
Hatfield 1st   Harpenden 3rd      
Hendon 2nd   Mill Hill 2nd      
Luton 2nd   O. Millhillians 2nd      
Tring 3nd   Tring 4th      
Watford 2nd   Vacant      
   10    10    





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