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Hertfordshire/Middlesex Merit Table 5

Southgates Champagne moment
Merit Table 5 - Season 2016-17
Amersham and Chiltern 3rd
Barnet Elizabethans 2nd
Chesham 2nd
Cuffley 2nd 
Hackney 3rd
Old Grammarians 1st
Royston 2nd
Stevenage Town 2nd
Verulamians 2nd
Round 1 10th September Round 2 17th September 
Verulamians 2ndvChesham 2nd 19 - 3Barnet Eliz. 2ndvChesham 2nd  0 - 66
Hackney 3rdvBarnet Eliz. 2nd 21 - 15Old Grammarians 1stvSouthgate Now playing 25th February
Stevenage T. 2ndvAmersham and C. 3rd5 - 55Cuffley 2nd vStevenage T. 2nd  57 - 0
Cuffley 2ndvSouthgate
37 - 7Amersham and C. 3rdvHackney 3rd 66 - 0
Royston 2ndvOld Grammarians 1st 0 - 19Royston 2ndvVerulamians 2nd 10 - 24
Round 3 24th September Round 4 1st October 
Verulamians 2ndvBarnet Eliz. 2nd15 - 40Cuffley 2nd vChesham 2nd 34 - 0
Chesham 2ndvAmersham and C. 3rd3 - 39Amersham and C. 3rdvBarnet Eliz. 2nd36 - 0
Hackney 3rdvCuffley 2nd  107 - 7Royston 2ndvStevenage T. 2nd17 - 19 
Stevenage T. 2ndvOld Grammarians 1st 10 - 25Old Grammarians 1stvHackney 3rd39 - 5
SouthgatevRoyston 2nd7 - 25SouthgatevVerulamians 2ndNow 11th March
Round 5 8th October Round 6 15th October 
Verulamians 2ndvAmersham and C. 3rd  5 - 44Royston 2ndvChesham 2nd 21 - 26
Barnet Eliz. 2ndvCuffley 2nd 36 - 20Old Grammarians 1stvBarnet Eliz. 2nd  Postponed
Chesham 2ndvOld Grammarians 1st 12th NovCuffley 2nd vAmersham and C. 3rd10 - 17
Hackney 3rdvRoyston 2nd 28 - 39SouthgatevHackney 3rd 26 - 24
Stevenage T. 2ndvSouthgate55 - 17Stevenage T. 2ndvVerulamians 2nd  29 - 14
Round 7 22nd October Round 8 29th October 
Verulamians 2ndvCuffley 2nd  Stevenage T. 2ndvChesham 2nd 
Amersham and C. 3rdvOld Grammarians 1st SouthgatevBarnet Eliz. 2nd 
Barnet Eliz. 2ndvRoyston 2nd Royston 2ndvAmersham and C. 3rd 
Chesham 2ndvSouthgate Old Grammarians 1stvCuffley 2nd  
Hackney 3rdvStevenage T. 2nd Hackney 3rdvVerulamians 2nd 
Round 9 5th November Round 10 19th November 
Verulamians 2ndvOld Grammarians 1st Chesham 2ndvBarnet Eliz. 2nd 
Royston 2ndvCuffley 2ndRVHackney 3rdvAmersham and C. 3rd 
Amersham and C. 3rdvSouthgate Stevenage T. 2ndvCuffley 2nd  
Barnet Eliz. 2ndvStevenage T. 2nd SouthgatevOld Grammarians 1st 
Chesham 2ndvHackney 3rd Verulamians 2ndvRoyston 2nd 
Round 11 26th November Round 12 10th December 
Amersham and C. 3rdvChesham 2nd Barnet Eliz. 2ndvAmersham and C. 3rd 
Royston 2ndvSouthgate Chesham 2ndvCuffley 2nd  
Old Grammarians 1stvStevenage T. 2nd Hackney 3rdvOld Grammarians 1st 
Cuffley 2nd vHackney 3rd Stevenage T. 2ndvRoyston 2nd 
Barnet Eliz. 2ndvVerulamians 2nd Verulamians 2ndvSouthgate 
Round 13 14th January Round 14 21st January 
Old Grammarians 1stvChesham 2nd Amersham and C. 3rdvCuffley 2nd  
Cuffley 2nd vBarnet Eliz. 2nd Barnet Eliz. 2ndvOld Grammarians 1st 
SouthgatevStevenage T. 2nd Chesham 2ndvRoyston 2nd 
Royston 2ndvHackney 3rd Verulamians 2ndvStevenage T. 2nd 
Amersham and C. 3rdvVerulamians 2nd Hackney 3rdvSouthgate 
Round 15 28th January Round 16 18th February 
SouthgatevChesham 2nd Cuffley 2nd vOld Grammarians 1st 
Royston 2ndvBarnet Eliz. 2nd Amersham and C. 3rdvRoyston 2nd 
Old Grammarians 1stvAmersham and C. 3rd Barnet Eliz. 2ndvSouthgate 
Stevenage T. 2ndvHackney 3rd Chesham 2ndvStevenage T. 2nd 
Cuffley 2nd vVerulamians 2nd Verulamians 2ndvHackney 3rd 
Round 17 4th March Round 18 1st April 
Hackney 3rdvChesham 2nd Old Grammarians 1stvRoyston 2nd 
Stevenage T. 2ndvBarnet Eliz. 2nd SouthgatevCuffley 2nd
SouthgatevAmersham and C. 3rd Amersham and C. 3rdvStevenage T. 2nd 
Cuffley 2nd
v Royston 2nd RVBarnet Eliz. 2ndvHackney 3rd 
Old Grammarians 1stvVerulamians 2nd Chesham 2ndvVerulamians 2nd 
 RV = Venues have been reversed 


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