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Hertfordshire/Middlesex Merit Table 3

Saracens about to get possession 
   Merit Table 3 - Season 2016-17    
   Bishop's Stortford 4th      
    Epping Upper Clapton 2nd
  Finsbury Park 1st
   Harrow 2nd
   Hatfield 1st
   Hitchin 2nd   
   Old Albanians Gladiators (4th)    
  Saracens Amateurs 2nd   
    UCSOBs 2nd    
Round 1 10th September Round 2 17th September 
Hitchin 2ndvEpping U.C. 2nd  29 - 15WestonvEpping U.C. 2nd 17 - 7
Saracens Ams 2ndvWeston21 - 19Hatfield 1stvUCSOBs 2nd 25 - 0 H w/o
B. Stortford 4thvFinsbury Park 1st0 - 34 O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vB. Stortford 4th19 - 38
UCSOBs 2ndv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) 56 - 10Finsbury Park 1stvSaracens Ams 2nd 19 - 19
Harrow 2ndvHatfield 1st25 - 15Harrow 2ndvHitchin 2nd14 - 22
Round 3 24th September Round 4 1st October 
Hitchin 2ndvWeston 26 - 27 O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vEpping U.C. 2nd 31 - 58
 Finsbury Park 1stvEpping U.C. 2nd83 - 6Finsbury Park 1stvWeston 5 - 0
Saracens Ams 2ndv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) 34 - 31Harrow 2ndvB. Stortford 4th 18 - 32
B. Stortford 4thvHatfield 1stNow 11th MarchHatfield 1stvSaracens Ams 2nd 24 -7
UCSOBs 2ndvHarrow 2nd 25 - 0 H w/oUCSOBs 2ndvHitchin 2nd31 - 24
Round 5 8th October Round 6 15th October 
Finsbury Park 1stv Hitchin 2nd64 - 7Harrow 2ndvEpping U.C. 2nd 35 - 5
Westonv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) 54 - 21 Hatfield 1stvWeston  37 - 19
Epping U.C. 2nd vHatfield 1st 13 - 17 Finsbury Park 1stvOld Albanians Gladiators (4th) 7 - 72
Saracens Ams 2ndvHarrow 2nd 25 - 0 H w/oUCSOBs 2ndvSaracens Ams 2nd12 - 38
B. Stortford 4thvUCSOBs 2nd61 - 10 B. Stortford 4thvHitchin 2nd 29 - 5
Round 7 22nd October Round 8 29th October 
Hitchin 2ndv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) B. Stortford 4thvEpping U.C. 2nd  
Finsbury Park 1stvHatfield 1st UCSOBs 2ndvWeston 
WestonvHarrow 2nd Harrow 2ndvFinsbury Park 1st 
Epping U.C. 2nd vUCSOBs 2nd Hatfield 1stv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) 
Saracens Ams 2ndvB. Stortford 4th Saracens Ams 2ndvHitchin 2nd 
Round 9 5th November Round 10 19th November 
Hitchin 2ndvHatfield 1st Epping U.C. 2nd vWeston 
 O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vHarrow 2nd Saracens Ams 2ndvFinsbury Park 1st 
Finsbury Park 1stvUCSOBs 2nd B. Stortford 4thv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) 
WestonvB. Stortford 4th UCSOBs 2ndvHatfield 1st 
Epping U.C. 2nd vSaracens Ams 2nd Hitchin 2ndvHarrow 2nd 
Round 11 26th November Round 12 10th December 
 Epping U.C. 2ndv Finsbury Park 1stRVWestonvFinsbury Park 1st 
Harrow 2ndvUCSOBs 2nd Epping U.C. 2nd v O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) 
Hatfield 1stvB. Stortford 4th Saracens Ams 2ndvHatfield 1st 
 O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vSaracens Ams 2nd B. Stortford 4thvHarrow 2nd 
WestonvHitchin 2nd Hitchin 2ndvUCSOBs 2nd 
Round 13 14th January Round 14 21st January 
Hatfield 1stvEpping U.C. 2nd  

O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)

vFinsbury Park 1stRV 
 O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vWestonNow 13th floodlightsWestonvHatfield 1st 
UCSOBs 2ndvB. Stortford 4th Epping U.C. 2nd vHarrow 2nd 
Harrow 2ndvSaracens Ams 2nd Hitchin 2ndvB. Stortford 4th 
Hitchin 2ndvFinsbury Park 1stRVSaracens Ams 2ndvUCSOBs 2nd 
Round 15 28th January Round 16 18th February 
UCSOBs 2ndvEpping U.C. 2nd   O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vHatfield 1st 
Harrow 2ndvWeston Finsbury Park 1stvHarrow 2nd 
Hatfield 1stvFinsbury Park 1st WestonvUCSOBs 2nd 
B. Stortford 4thvSaracens Ams 2nd Epping U.C. 2nd vB. Stortford 4th 
 O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vHitchin 2nd Hitchin 2ndvSaracens Ams 2nd 
Round 17 4th March Round 18 1st April 
Saracens Ams 2ndvEpping U.C. 2nd  Hatfield 1stvHarrow 2nd 
B. Stortford 4thvWeston  O.Albanians Gladiators (4th)vUCSOBs 2nd 
UCSOBs 2ndvFinsbury Park 1st Finsbury Park 1stvB. Stortford 4th 
Harrow 2ndv O.Albanians Gladiators (4th) WestonvSaracens Ams 2nd 
Hatfield 1stvHitchin 2nd Epping U.C. 2nd vHitchin 2nd 
 RV = Venues have been reversed


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