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Merit Table 5 NE - KO Competition


  B. Stortford grounded.


Merit Table 6 NE   - Knock Out Competition - Season 2017-18
  Preliminary Competition    
    2nd December 2017        
    v Welwyn 3rd   Winners progress to the Main Competition  
Datchworth 3rd   Welwyn 3rd (See below)      
now held to fill             
 any vacancy in   (Old Grammarians 2nd) Withdrawn         
the Plate   v Bishop's Stortford 5th   Winners progress to the Main Competition  
    Bishop's Stortford 5th (See below)      
  Main Competition    
  28th April 2018 14th April 2018 13th January 2018 14th April 2018 28th April 2018  
Plate Winner Plate Final Plate  Semi-Final First Round 2nd/Semi-Final Final  K.O. Winner
   Saracens Amateurs RFC         Letchworth RFC  
      Welwyn 3rd      
     Bishop's Stortford 5th v 57 - 10  Welwyn 3rd    
      Bishop's Stortford 5th      
  Bishops Stortford 5th  v   53 - 7   33 - 31   Played at Letchworth RFC  Letchworth 4th  
     Southgate 13 - 24  Letchworth 4th    
      Letchworth 4th      
____________ v       v ____________
      Hitchin 3rd       
     Biggleswade 3rd 19 - 5      
      Biggleswade 3rd      
  Biggleswade 3rd  v   Home w/o   v 57 - 10            Played at Cheshunt RFC  Hitchin 3rd  
      Epping and U.C. 3rd      
     Datchworth 3rd v Away w/o  Cheshunt 3rd    
      Cheshunt 3rd      
Please note the information on the website that applies to the KO Competitions in Section 10 of the Merit Table Rules .
   Attention should be paid to the variations of venues and the use of substitutes etc.  


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