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Merit Table 5 NE - KO Competition


  B. Stortford grounded.


Merit Table 5NE  - Knock Out Competition - Season 2018-19
  Main Competition  
  27th April 2019 13th April 2019 19th January 2019 13th April 2019 27th April 2019  
Plate Winner Plate Final Plate  Semi-Final First Round 2nd Rd/Semi-Final Final  K.O. Winner
      Hatfield 2nd      
    Loser Winner    
      Epping & U.C.3rd      
  Winner v   v Winner  
      B.Stortford Abbotts (5th)      
    Loser Winner    
      Hitchin 3rd      
Winner v       v Winner
      Datchworth 3rd      
    Loser Winner    
      Biggleswade 3rd      
  Winner v   v Winner  
      Welwyn 3rd      
    Loser Winner    
      Cheshunt 3rd      
Please note the information on the website that applies to the KO Competitions in Section 10 of the Merit Table Rules .
   Attention should be paid to the variations of venues and the use of replacements    
  Any team failing to play a match will be removed from the Competition    


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